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"Multiple Sizes & Bespoke
Productions For
Special Projects"

  Triptronic System is a terminology we use to express the double usage (open fire or closed fire) of our fireplaces. It is enabled by the Smart Door Mechanism which is a patent pending innovation and exclusively used on Voler Fireplace Series. It is basicly, the fireplace adjusting itself for the desired usage (open/closed) with just a small "trip" of the guillotine door.
  Enabled by a synchronisation between the Ash-Drawer, the Guillotine Door and the Air-Canals; this mechanism helps you light your fireplace easier than any other unit in the industry and helps you controll the hight and volume of your flames. On a Voler fireplace the Ash-Drawer's secondary job is keeping your hands clean (unlike an ashbox in a firebox) while taking out the ashes. Its main duty is operating the air-flow through the woodpieces from below. This makes the first ignition much quicker, effortless and controllable. The Ash-Drawer does the blowing for you while the closed Ceramic Glass keeps the smoke in the box. You can observe the smokes leave your firebox while the flames get bigger. After you have a clean fire with no smoke in the view, you can adjust your fire according to your mood by closing the Ash-Drawer or leaving a gap for bigger flames.
  When using a fireplace with closed doors, soot is usually an unpleasent guest visiting several times at the most elegant side of your room. Voler's calculated Air-Wash in the firebox keeps its Ceramic Glasses clean for the longest period of time in the industry. So long that, you can burn your unit for several days on and off, and when you start to observe some blur in your view, you can use the side-opening feature of your fireplace's guillotine door and clean the glass with a moist napkin and its own ashes.

  Radiant Heating from the Cast Iron Firebox and the Gravity Vent Heating enabled by the inlets, ducts and outlets gives you cosiness starting from 37500 BTUs according to the model and the size.
Voler Fireplaces - Brand of GLOBAL -Hearth Products Group Est.1985